Quotes for Lucy

"I'm speechless.  This is unbelievable stuff.  A terrific slice of magic realism.  There isn't a frame out of place.  I loved the colors, I love the setting, and I loved the effects - I actually gasped when the room flooded.  It's the type of thing that could be really twee in the wrong hands, but what's so impressive is how the director maintains this really eccentric tone that's dark and whimsical at the same time.  The production values, the edits, the music -- this is amazing stuff."
- Tim Ryan 
Senior Editor for Rotten Tomatoes
“Production design feels very fanciful and authentic at the same time.”
- Suzanna Otting
Spiritual Cinema Circle Inc.
"Lucy is currently my favorite film. It captured my imagination in every way. I was instantly enchanted when I saw it.  The look of the movie was beautiful, the sound glorious, and the camera work magnificent. I would just like to show my appreciation for one of the finest films of our generation."
- Conor Hudnut
"The way Lucy's emotions and how she felt and saw the world was portrayed BEAUTIFULLY!  I hanoestly had goosebumps at parts.  It's like the untold story of an autistic mind that's perceived as "broken" or "locked up."  I felt like Lucy and her room is a metaphor for an autistic person's soul and their brain, they have a beautiful creative child inside who has to stay inside."
- Jeremy Ray Smolik
Actor/ Director
"Terribly ambitious.  Hauntingly beautiful.  Wonderfully successful."
- Marshal Poole
"Lucy is a somber flight of fancy.  It's a sad children's book come to life.  The amazing production design and cinematography perfectly support the narrative.  The lead was wonderfully compelling and sympathetic without saying a word."
- Dan Chuba 
Founder and partner of Hammerhead Productions
"A very special film.  I thoroughly enjoyed this glimpse into this little girl's world.  The visual imagery is nicely complemented by the main song.  Stunning cinematography.  Left me thinking about the movie long after it was over."
- Rona Cosgrove
Executive Vice President of Business Affairs for Paramount Pictures
"The sets and production design were impressive.  The fantasy sequences were well executed."
- Tom Schulman
Screenwriter - best known for writing Dead Poets Society
"A powerful and enchanting film about a young girls autism and isolation but shows vividly the inside of her mind and its beauty.  Exceptional cinematography and storytelling!"
- Mary Hart
Co-Anchor for Entertainment Tonight
"I'm confused...a high school student made this?  This is pretty incredible...to be honest I'm a little floored and a little unsure what to say.  It's almost unfair this piece is in the competition.  It's so distantly beyond everything else in the running.  It's flawless.  It's imaginative, and beautiful, and thought provoking and moving.  Really, just well done."
- Elizabeth Yale
Development Executive at Radical Media - Founder of the Harvard Westlake Film Festival
"Very professionally done.  A work of true art.  Pleased to have seen it."
- Burt Sugarman 
Producer and businessman - best known for producing Children of a Lesser God and The Midnight Special
"This is extraordinary.  In fact it's so good I have to wonder if it was indeed made by a high school student.  If it was, again it's extraordinary."
- Matt Ember