• Lucy

    “My barriers are not my limits; they are my stepping stone to greatness.” It all started with this quote and became the theme of Lucy and the making of.

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  • Love Vigilantes

    A music video about a medic in our armed forces. This piece focuses on what our soldier’s and their families sacrifice.

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  • Jalopy

    This short film is based in the 1940’s. It’s a lesson on enjoying life and making the best out of the opportunities you are given as a son grows up without his father and when given his father’s old 1946 Chevy, he is also given a chance to change history.

  • Speechless

    You think you have relationship problems? Try dating a mime…
    This is a short film I helped my sister Alicia create for her senior thesis for Chapman University Dodge College.

  • Wedding Videography

    Memories are Forever

    Capture your special day in the way only Libby Blood, award-winning cinematographer can do.

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What's Next?

Now back from Cannes and NYCIFF Libby continues to work on developing new pictures while waiting to here the submission statues for "Lucy" on Sundance, Berlin, Toronto, and AFM.  
Now in the works is a few short films as well as an animated short.  Blood is always looking for new talents to mix their touch of magic and perspective to the Director's vision.  At the moment she is looking for talented animators as well as enthusiastic members to add to her production team as she and Bloodline Films embark on their first feature film.  They are in the early stages of story development as they work on their first draft of the script.  Libby says she couldn't be more excited for this next project as it has a touch of everything. From modern day dreams to magical entertainment and visual treats, this film has the Bloodline crew jumping with excitement to get started because really, who doesn't enjoy a touch of Chaplin?
As production continues to develop Bloodline Films is looking for talented members to join their production team.  Specific positions include a sound designer and visual effects team.  Contact Libby Blood at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..