• Lucy

    “My barriers are not my limits; they are my stepping stone to greatness.” It all started with this quote and became the theme of Lucy and the making of.

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  • Love Vigilantes

    A music video about a medic in our armed forces. This piece focuses on what our soldier’s and their families sacrifice.

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  • Jalopy

    This short film is based in the 1940’s. It’s a lesson on enjoying life and making the best out of the opportunities you are given as a son grows up without his father and when given his father’s old 1946 Chevy, he is also given a chance to change history.

  • Speechless

    You think you have relationship problems? Try dating a mime…
    This is a short film I helped my sister Alicia create for her senior thesis for Chapman University Dodge College.

  • Wedding Videography

    Memories are Forever

    Capture your special day in the way only Libby Blood, award-winning cinematographer can do.

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Screening of Lucy at Raleigh Studios by the Consulate General of Switzerland.

Over the weekend Lucy was screened at Raleigh Studios in the Short Films Long Night Event hosted by the Consulate General of Switzerland where Swiss filmmakers and artists are celebrated.  

Special thanks to our very own Caroline Amiguet for being our Swiss Rep and qualifying Lucy for the "Here and There" block. This was a close community of filmmakers filled with so many perspectives on life. The films here were stunning and each had something very different to say.

We had a wonderful time at this prestigious event with Caroline and her husband Matt. The Swiss are a wonderful audience and so sweet. They loved Lucy!

It seemed like fate as we watched Lucy in the Charlie Chaplin Theater and met a wonderful entertainment lawyer that was able to answer some questions we had concerning the film we are working on right now, involving Chaplin. Dennis will be a wonderful addition to the Bloodline team.

All the pieces are coming together!