Product Review - Storyboard Artist 5

Making a film is all about the preproduction and when you can’t draw, designing your storyboards can be a pain.  But now with PowerProduction’s Storyboard Artist 5 you can create professional storyboards fast.

Storyboard Artist 5 is one of the most versatile preproduction software out there.  It goes beyond just a pen and paper and involves live camera movements like rack focuses, and blocking for actors.  With version 5 comes updated and brand new features such as even better timeline control, sketch mode both in-project and for printing, and QuickShots technology the fastest way to create shooting boards on the fly.

To start a new board, you choose from the software’s predetermined set of locations, upload pictures of your own, or choose a frame from a video.  You can also import 3D files from a wide selection of free 3D graphics, plus your script from a variety of screenwriting applications including Final Draft.

You can create your entire production in Storyboard Artist 5 and send it off with a click of a button. You can export to QuickTime, Flash, or HTML.  You can even create a PDF file or Apple’s iBooks format and either email to clients or print your boards in customizable or preset layouts.  It’s that simple.  You can also connect with the new mobile app StoryBoard Quick Direct for location storyboarding and uploading straight to your desktop.

You don’t need to worry about being an animator to work this software but have the perks of looking like one.  So whether your crew is sitting at the desk next to you, or they are half a world away, StoryBoard Artist 5 will give you the tools you need to create, control and share your cinematic vision.