Book Review - The Working Film Director

            Charles Wilkinson’s book, The Working Film Director, brings to light the living fantasies and dark nightmares of a director’s career.  He not only tells us helpful directing tips, but ideas that lend to great filmmaking as well.

            Have you ever had a hard time deciding which film festivals to submit to or even HOW too?  Wilkinson tells us which festivals are worth your time, money, and which ones fit your film type.

            This book covers the dos and don’ts of making your first film and even getting a script sold or a film distributed.  And once you find your script you have been searching your whole life for, Wilkinson starts us from the beginning.  You as a director are in charge of the big picture and this book covers everything you’ll need to know to make your vision come to life.  He covers all the jobs in preproduction, production, and post that you will need to collaborate with or help hire.  Most importantly, he talks about getting a great performance out of your actors and how exactly to connect with them and their characters to help bring them to life on screen.

            After reading The Working Film Director the film industry seems more obtainable, and real, and will give your films the attention they deserve.

About the Author:

Charles Wilkinson is a working director with extensive credits in film and television.  He lives and works with his wife and extended family on a North Pacific coastal fjord near Vancouver.



How To Use This Book

Foreword To The 2nd Edition


CHAPTER 1: Tough Love

CHAPTER 2: The First Best Steps
CHAPTER 3: The First Film

CHAPTER 4: Making Waves: The Festival Circuit

CHAPTER 5: Selling Your Film

CHAPTER 6: Setting Up Shop

CHAPTER 7: The Phone Rings

CHAPTER 8: Pre-Production

CHAPTER 9: Shooting

CHAPTER 10: The Big Picture

CHAPTER 11: Post-Production

CHAPTER 12: It’s Over

Paperback, 196 Pages