Book Review - Filmmaking

            Jason Tomaric’s book, Filmmaking: Direct your movie from script to screen using proven Hollywood techniques, teaches exactly that.  Making a movie is a daunting task!  The difficult part is knowing where to start.  Jason takes us step by step through the writing process and helps us get a solid foundation to start building, not only a great film, but a successful career as well. 

            Jason’s writing is inspiring and practical.  He puts Hollywood in perspective and reminds us that there is always something tolearn.  He shows us the fundamentals of filmmaking and why we originally fell in love with the art.  

He takes simple concepts that could be easily overlooked by a new filmmaker like “how to choose the right (writing, editing, producing, directing) partner, how to option a script, how to pick the right equipment, or what to do on the second and third auditions” and takes the time to explain how and why.

Although, what I found most helpful was “Jason’s Notes” scattered throughout the book.  These are small notes, tips, and facts related to the chapter’s topic that made me understand the subject even more and improved my filmmaking skills.  I often physically wrote some of these down as a constant reminder to myself and I now think of these helpful quotes while on my own sets.

Filmmaking is the go-to guild whenever you’re not sure how to approach a certain problem while making your film, big or small.  Jason literally covers everything there could be to know about filmmaking and lays it out in one convenient spot on your bookshelf. 


About the Author:

Fourteen-time Emmy, Telly, and CINE award-winning filmmaker Jason Tomaric for his start in Ohio, producing an ultra-low-budget independent film that got picked up for distribution.  He is now a Los Angeles-based director and cinematographer who has shot numerous features, dozens of national television commercials, and several documentaries in over 20 countries.  He has taught at leading film schools as UCLA and New York Film Academy and is bringing high-caliber multimedia filmmaking education to the web at






Chapter 1: The Script


Chapter 2: Preproduction

Chapter 3: Budgeting

Chapter 4: Breakdowns and Scheduling

Chapter 5: Insurance

Chapter 6: Locations

Chapter 7: Casting the Roles

Chapter 8: The Crew

Chapter 9: Equipment

Chapter 10: Production Design


Chapter 11: Production

Chapter 12: Directing

Chapter 13: Cinematography

Chapter 14: Audio Recording

Chapter 15: Hair and Makeup

Chapter 16: Craft Services and Catering


Chapter 17: Editing

Chapter 18: Visual Effects

Chapter 19: Postproduction Audio

Chapter 20: Music


Chapter 21: Distribution



Paperback, 520 Pages

Published: 2011

ISBN: 978-0-240-81700-2