Book Review - The Working Film Director

            Charles Wilkinson’s book, The Working Film Director, brings to light the living fantasies and dark nightmares of a director’s career.  He not only tells us helpful directing tips, but ideas that lend to great filmmaking as well.

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Product Review - Storyboard Artist 5

Making a film is all about the preproduction and when you can’t draw, designing your storyboards can be a pain.  But now with PowerProduction’s Storyboard Artist 5 you can create professional storyboards fast.

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Product Review - DXA-SLR PRO

We’ve all been through it, the time consuming task of syncing the audio from your external recording device to your DSLR footage. 

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Book Review - Filmmaking for Change

              Jon Fitzgerald brings to light the key aspects in recognizing a story that can change the world.  Fitzgerald is co-founder of the Slamdance Film Festival, which started in 1995.  Filmmaking for Change is designed for the independent live-action filmmaker, but there is much in this manual for the independent animator as well. 

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Product Review - The Padcaster

Right out of the box the Padcaster is ready to use for professionals and armatures alike.  The Padcaster is a lightweight yet strong aluminum frame that comes equpped with threaded holes for all your needed production accessories.

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